Human SKill Laboratory


 Welcome to the website of Human Skill Laboratory!Human Skill Laboratory proposes new business styles and working styles suit for you through human skills development.
Our Laboratory is located in Shinshuu Ueda, Chubu region of Japan, place full of nature and where time moves slowly. We think here is the great place for man power development.

Today, as the economic globalization advances, and the business environment has become diversified, individuals are required to brush up their human skills in order to achieve success in business. Human skills are in other words, communication skills, thinking abilities, problem solving abilities and so on. Brushing up human skills lead to further success in life and in job in an organization.

No need to feel that is difficult because chances to brush your human skills can be found anywhere only if you continue motivating yourself and keep learning.

Our mission is to help you to realize your potentials and to strengthen your advantages.

We, Human Skill Laboratory support every individual, companies who continue moving forward.

          Ueda Castle

     Shinshu Kokusai Ongakumura